Who am I?

Your research and data are important. You have put a lot of work, expertise, and time into getting the right data to answer your questions. And now, it’s time to analyze. You can’t be expected to master the entire field of stats AND your field. That’s why you need me. The Chatistician.

The Chatistician (that’s me, Chelsea) is here to chat about all your casual consulting needs. I am a PhD Student (with an M.S.) in the Computational and Data Sciences. My research focuses on using Statistics and Machine Learning on Behavioral (read, Psychology) data.

I want to help people who need a little stats help, but not a full on consulting statistician. Both my help, and my prices are casual. Since I started doing stats, I’ve had friends and family calling me and texting me, asking for statistical guidence. I love helping them. But recently I realized that not everyone has a statistician best friend…till now!

The chatistician aims to chat with you and provide you with statistical advice, and a sounding board for all your statistical needs. You should hire me if you do your own stats but need a sanity check to make sure you’re doing things well. Need to make sure you’re on the right track? Need someone to proof your methods section, or help you respond to Reviewer #2 with ease? Contact me! I’ll even help you without face-to-face interaction, if you’re having one of those days (check out the Nano Chat!)

Why you should hire me:

  • I won’t talk down to you
  • I have tons of experience in experimental design
  • I know a lot about stats and I love to talk about it
  • I’ve honed my ability to talk about complex stats topics in a way that almost anyone can understand (check it out here).

What I DONT do:

  • Run your analyses for you.
  • Write your results/methods for you.
  • Write your code for you.
  • Insist you make me an author on your paper (but you can thank me in the acknowledgments!).

What I can do:

  • Frequentist Statistics
  • Bayesian Statistics
  • Machine Learning (Supervised AND Unsupervised)
  • Survey Design
  • Software I am great at: R, Python, JASP, JMP
  • Software I am okay at: SPSS, STATA

What I can’t do:

  • All sorts of things, like roll my R’s and do a pull up. But if you need help with something statistical that is too far out of my area of expertise, I’ll let you know that, recommend people/resources that might be able to help you, and refund your money!


Special Introductory Prices!

To hire me, email me at chatistician@gmail.com