NOTE: I am now open for Casual Stats Consulting. A solution for those who don’t need a full on consulting statistician, but need a little bit of help.

To hire me, email me at

I am an avid lover of anything silly or statistical (especially if it’s both at once). I earned a PhD in Computational and Data Science in 2021, and currently teach full time as well as do research and statistical consulting. My main courses include R, Intro to Programming (in Python), and Data Science.

My goal in life is to empower people to be able to do their own statistical analyses, through consulting, education, and the ocasional stats meme on Twitter.

I also do a lot of statistical writing, both professionally and for fun. Check out the Writing page to see some of my work. If you’re in the mood for something silly, check out Everyone P-hacks or An Ode to Neural Networks and Their Layers.For somehting more serious, I recommend checking out the Crash Course Statistics videos I wrote, or this article on Hierarchical clustering I wrote for JMP Software. If you’re interested in hiring me, I’d love to write for you! You can contact me here.